Binky Tunny has been a staple of
the Milwaukee arts scene for
ages;   Front woman and guitarist
for the popular rock band, "Binky
Tunny and the Farmland
Chokehold" from 1999-2010,
coffee house solo-acoustic
singer/ songwriter 1995-today,
private music teacher (guitar,
bass, singing, songwriting,
recording, performing)  
1999-today, and  Brewtown
artist specializing in
avant-garde acrylic painting.  
     Binky has a BFA in Painting
from MIAD and is just finishing
her Masters of Science in Art
Education at Concordia
     Drummer Paul New is Binky's
voice of reason and musical
cohort.  Hailing from bands like
The Crusties, Wanda Chrome,
and FuckFace, New is a
seasoned professional with a
unique street credibility.
     Together, New and Tunny are
putting together a new project
for the new age.  If you are
interested in participating...

contact binky:  
Although no longer playing
in The Farmland Chokehold,
Binky Tunny is available for
acoustic shows; solo, duo,
and trio as well as fill-in and
studio work.

The Chokehold's 3rd album,
"The Black Sheep
Chronicles," is also
available; just inquire:

Yes, Tunny still gives
lessons: guitar, bass, vocal,
songwriting, recording, and

Need Art?  Paintings on sale
now.!  Custom orders more
than welcome.